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  • C Class Catamaran Motor Yachts

    Catamaran is well known for its fuel efficiency, stability, no rolling at anchorage, shallow draft and large deck spaces verse conventional monohull. Monte Fino C-CLASS CATAMARAN range is introduced for those seeking smaller yacht with great stability and larger deck space. It also offers great performance verses most of the Catamaran currently available on the market. With the latest Cummins Zeus system, it will easily surpass 30 knots at full throttle. Currently, there are two models available for Monte Fino C-CLASS CATAMARAN range including Monte Fino C45 Fly (Fly Bridge) and Monte Fino C45 SF (Sports Fish).

  • F Class Flybridge Motor Yachts

    Timeless design, classy and comfort combine with efficiency and handling, the Monte Fino Yachts F-class Flybridge motor yacht range will never fail to impress. It offers everything you need for luxurious causing with family and friends. The large exterior decks spaces are perfect for entertaining and enjoying and sun and sea. Tailor-made interiors laid out and equipped to your personal specification ensure that your yacht is a personal statement of your own style and taste. All the yachts in the range can also be designed to offer great charter opportunities.

  • E Class Explorer Yachts

    The new ecHo range has been developed in response to the demand for yachts that offer exceptional efficient hull, minimal environmental impact without any loss in comfort or amenity. Designed by Humphreys Yacht Design, the ecHo name is a melding of "eco-friendly" and the Humphreys name. The first model to be introduced is the E85 ecHo, and in keeping with the ethos that underlies the concept it has been created to be as much a destination in its own right as a means of travel. The ecHo range offers luxurious, long range cruising to those for whom the journey is just as enjoyable as arriving.

  • S Class Superyachts

    The new Monte Fino S-Class Superyacht range including S 32m, S 35m and S40m are jointly designed and developed with renowned Dutch Yacht Design and Naval Architecture firm Mulder Design. Mulder Design is a well respected name as designers of high speed yachts through the launch of the now-famous high-speed yachts including Octopus, Moonraker, and The World Is Not Enough. Mulder Design is also is also well known for less spectacular, yet equally important, semi-displacement and full displacement luxury yacht. All Monte Fino S-Class Superyacht range come with the new generation semi-displacement hulls designed by Mulder Design. The new generation hulls offer performance, good-efficiency, great sea keeping abilities, smoother ride and bigger interior volume. With their classy and timeless profiles as well as the level of customisation, you truly can create your ultimate superyacht to your individual taste, style and needs.

  • V Class Voyager

    Monte Fino V class Voyager Motor Yacht is jointly developed with renowned British Yacht Designer, Tony Castro and his team. Main design focus is on maximizing space utilization and comfort of enjoying great life at sea.

  • MF Custom Yachts

    Monte Fino "Custom Yachts" range offers complete customisation and retain Monte Fino Yacht’s DNA to build the finest yacht with exceptional standards of engineering, quality and attention to detail. Our facilities have the capability of building yachts of more than 40m in length. The largest launched to date is a 38m raised pilothouse custom yacht. The largest launched of Monte Fino Yacht is a 37m Monte Fino 122 tri-deck custom motor yacht designed by Dubois Naval Architects. Throughout our history we have worked with many of the world’s leading Naval Architects and Yacht Designers. Together with our highly skilled workforce and support staffs using their wealth of knowledge and experiences in custom yacht building, we can bring each individual Owner’s dream to life.

  • New Concept Yachts

    Explorer new concept designs for Monte Fino Yacht range. One of these design can be the starting point of your new dream yacht.

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