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Yacht Repair & Refit

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Yacht Repair & Refit

Other than building new yachts, we also offer both repairing and refitting services, which based on Kaohsiung harbor, south of Taiwan. Our waterfront haul and launch facility features two 150 ton travel lifts with the capability of servicing yachts within 300 tons or 150 ft in length. Your yacht can be fully maintained and refinished here. Customize refit services including but not limited to hull or deck modifications, interior refurnish, furniture restyling and instrument tuning is also available. In 2014, we completed refit an old 100 ft yacht and bring it back to life with sleek and modern exterior as well as spacious and up-to-date interior.

If you have any questions for requiring or any helps for yachts, please feel free to contact us.

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