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Monte Fino 80 Interior
Monte Fino 80 Interior

If you haven't had a chance to grab a copy of the latest Sea Magazine for the sea trial report on the Monte Fino 80, here are a highlight of great comments from Capt. Tom Serio who took the yacht out for testing:

It’s a yacht that can fulfill most any need based on the way it’s built, without having to make some of the potentially restricting decisions up front. It’s smartly laid out, and Monte Fino accounts for all the desired features in an 80-foot flushdeck platform that’s easy to handle and fun to be on.

Another huge factor is how quiet the yacht is.

One other point to make is the price. In the marketplace, the Monte Fino 80 comes in on the lower side of the curve, making it attractive for the wallet as well as the capabilities.

If you’re indecisive on how to use your yacht, be it private and/or charter, crewed or not, etc., the Monte Fino 80 is a serious contender that is worth a look. It may very well make the decision for you.

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