S Class Superyachts

In a class of their own

S Class Superyachts
S Class Superyachts

The new Monte Fino S-Class Superyacht range including S 32m, S 35m and S40m are jointly designed and developed with renowned Dutch Yacht Design and Naval Architecture firm Mulder Design. Mulder Design is a well respected name as designers of high speed yachts through the launch of the now-famous high-speed yachts including Octopus, Moonraker, and The World Is Not Enough. Mulder Design is also is also well known for less spectacular, yet equally important, semi-displacement and full displacement luxury yacht. All Monte Fino S-Class Superyacht range come with the new generation semi-displacement hulls designed by Mulder Design. The new generation hulls offer performance, good-efficiency, great sea keeping abilities, smoother ride and bigger interior volume. With their classy and timeless profiles as well as the level of customisation, you truly can create your ultimate superyacht to your individual taste, style and needs.

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