C Class Catamaran Motor Yachts

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C Class Catamaran Motor Yachts
C Class Catamaran Motor Yachts

Catamaran is well known for its fuel efficiency, stability, no rolling at anchorage, shallow draft and large deck spaces verse conventional monohull. Monte Fino C-CLASS CATAMARAN range is introduced for those seeking smaller yacht with great stability and larger deck space. It also offers great performance verses most of the Catamaran currently available on the market. With the latest Cummins Zeus system, it will easily surpass 30 knots at full throttle. Currently, there are two models available for Monte Fino C-CLASS CATAMARAN range including Monte Fino C45 Fly (Fly Bridge) and Monte Fino C45 SF (Sports Fish).

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Catamaran MF45 MY

Monte Fino 45 CMY Catamaran Motor Yacht

Catamaran MF45 SF

Monte Fino 45 CSF Catamaran SportFishing Yacht

Catamaran MF47 Cabriolet

Monte Fino 47 Cabriolet Catamaran Yacht

Catamaran MF47 CC with fwd cabin

Monte Fino 47 CC with FWD CABIN Catamaran Yacht

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